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Universal Laws and Healing

Universal Laws and Healing

Universal laws are truths that govern what we create in life. Being aware of these laws can allow us to more intentionally design our life. This post looks are the ones that can be consciously applied to our healing. In doing so we dissolve our own wounds and by extension provide the opening for others to be delivered from their own pain and hurt. Taking responsibility for our own suffering not only provides a path for liberation to us as individuals but for the collective as a whole as well. Another way of looking at this is by using these laws as tools for conscious development.

There are many universal laws* but the ten that are most pertinent to shifting and releasing the wounds that we have accumulated are alphabetically: The Law of Cycles, the Law of Grace, the Law of Forgiveness, the Law of Healing, the Law of Intention, the Law of Projection, the Law of Purification, the Law of Purpose, the Law of Reflection, and the Law of Relativity. I reproduce these laws here with a discussion of experience and application.

The Law of Cycles

Whatever rises will fall and whatever falls will rise again. Change is the only constant thing. Change occurs throughout the cycles.

CHANGE – Clearing Healing And New Gifts Emerging

If you see change as threatening or if you see change as opportunistic will determine how difficultly, or how easily, you manage the inevitability of change as the cycles turn.

Wherever you are in your cycle, go with the flow. There is a time in the cycle when your energy is strong and there is a time when your energy is weak. When strong energy abounds use it to progress, when energy is weak use it to survive.

Remember the cycle always turns and wherever you are in the cycle know that “This too shall pass”.

Life will present you with seasons for all things. Watch this ebb and flow and apply yourself accordingly. Trust when you need to withdraw and when you should step out and do your best to create circumstances that support this. Each cycle allows for a kind of rebirth taking form in new fresh way and letting old patterns fall away.

The Law of Grace

Grace is God’s infinite way of giving mercy, healing, growth and evolvement. In colloquial terms “God’s get out of jail free” card. God will always give you what you need and not necessarily what you want (that’s Ego’s job!) God’s grace can only be asked for when you have done everything, and We mean everything, in your power to learn the lessons you have created for your own healing, growth and evolvement.

When you have genuinely been the best you can be in learning and applying these lessons, then call upon God’s grace to complete your healing and so propel your growth and your evolvement. It is said that this grace may dissolve your karma. However, you can be an instrument of grace by offering grace to others through your compassion, your empathy, giving unconditional love and forgiveness. These are the divine qualities that give grace.

You, as a part of God, can give grace to others in this way and so receive grace by giving it.

Grace will set you and others free.

Grace is what happens when you feel like giving up. You have no more ideas, reserves, or faith in your ability for how to move beyond a certain layer of baggage. No matter what you try, you are still carrying it around with you. When you surrender to receive support you are open to the miracle of release.

As others struggle with their own transitions through their bondage, you can be patient with their tendency to share their suffering. You know that making the pain a point of focus is the only way through it, but inevitably it brings an intensity that colors interactions with all those around them.

The Law of Forgiveness

For Giving is For Receiving is For Healing yourself now.

For Giving you the opportunity to correct a learning experience that you make. If you make a learning experience again, and again, and again, it’s no longer a learning experience because you have not learnt from it. It’s a mistake.

For Giving other people the opportunity to correct a learning experience that they made. Should they learn from that experience and not replicate their words or actions then it is easy to forgive and move on.

Your level of for giving yourself one or more opportunities will determine your ability for giving others one or more opportunities.

You cannot heal, grow and evolve without forgiveness of yourself and others. You decide whether you want to forgive and heal yourself or not. For giving is for receiving – your healing. It’s your choice now.

Taking human form gives us the opportunity to experience life in all its expressions. This includes those that are an antithesis to love. This contrast allows for a more conscious choice. In this way, we are connected once more to the desires of our soul rather than those resulting from separation and competition. When others behave poorly toward you they have direct experience to propel them forward in this journey.

The Law of Healing

Everything is energy. The vibrational frequency determines whether this energy is light or is solid matter, such as a giant redwood tree.

Where fear exists in your life it can manifest itself as a blockage in relevant parts of your physical body. This fear may come from this lifetime or past/parallel lifetimes. This blockage is restricting the flow of energy from performing at its maximum efficiency. When the circulation of your life force energy is restricted you feel imbalanced, out of sorts, ill, sick, sore, painful, incapable, non-functioning, near death. These blockages cause ill at ease feelings, dis-ease, disease, and possibly death.

Fear unresolved manifests as illness. Your thoughts create your reality. If you think you are sick, you become sick and remain sick. Your healing comes from love manifested as light. Your unconditional love of yourself prevents illness, alternatively, kick-starts your healing process by replacing fear with love. Your healing light, or the healing light brought from someone else, is stronger in its vibrational frequency than the illness, the blockage, caused from fear, which has a low vibrational frequency. This higher vibrational frequency obliterates the lower vibrational frequency.

Identify your fears, face them head on, but have “only love” as your weapon to defeat these fears. Stand in your integrity; say “What would Love do now?” Act and facing fears – do it – and watch these fears dissolve in the light of truth and love.

Pain is required for your healing, growth and evolvement. Pain is part of the process of healing. It identifies the blockage. It is intensified when the blockage is dissolved or removed and the absence of that pain tells you that you are healed. Come only from love, create the light of higher vibrational frequency, face your fears while standing in your integrity and see these fears dissolve, feel pain free and have an attitude of gratitude. Now count your blessings in appreciation, gratitude and in unconditional self love for your new found health. Believe you are healed. Believing is Seeing!

Don’t turn away from fear and pain as this will only prolong its impact. If it comes, welcome it as a powerful source for your growth. With compassion for yourself in the process examine it and apply yourself to understanding it and moving through it.

Pay attention to what is happening in your body. Every physical ailment or point of tension provides a pointer to a place where fear can be shifted. Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” guides you as to what is the cause of each ailment from A to Z. Being aware of a particular inflexibility, fear or inability to allow joy is essential to turning it around. Louise provides affirmations that, with repetition, can reframe how you think. These are also powerful when used in conjunction with Energy Freedom Techniques such as Tapping. Tackle any blockage on all levels of mind, emotion, body, and energy to release it completely. Take time to look at the thoughts that bring this manifestation and turn them around. Confront the emotions that show up with these thoughts and commit to turning them to love. Any contraction or negativity shows that something of the old belief structure remains. Use meditation and visualization to direct healing energy and release discordant energy in your body. Take steps to cleanse and detoxify through changes to your diet.

The Law of Intention

Providing you are standing in your integrity and what you want to manifest is for the benefit of mankind, not your own needs and wants, then your passionate intentions will release a force that will commence the manifestation process – so stand back, in your integrity, and watch out – for the creation of manifestation.

Intention is not simple desire – it is desire propelled by intent. The real strength of this intent is that it unleashes forces in the Universe propelling it towards manifestation – provided it is for the higher good of the Soul’s journey and not merely to satisfy Ego’s wants.

By unleashing genuine, passionate intention, the trust inherent in the process is that the Soul will provide needs, not wants (that’s Ego’s job). The outcome is assured so detachment to the outcome is required to ensure that the flow of energy creating the manifestation into reality is not blocked by consciously attaching expectations to whether the outcome will manifest itself or not.

Intention with detachment allows you to be present in the now. With your detached intent in the present, your intention for the future will manifest itself because the future is created in the present. Accept what is now in the present and intend the future.

Providing your intentions are honorable, passionate and beneficial to mankind, then trust in the process of creative manifestation as you remain detached from the outcome or results.

Set the intention to seek the highest good of all those involved! Blessing others is a form of intention. Wishing for the creation of a project that will propel mankind’s consciousness forward is an intention. For each of these though, the path to and the final form that manifests cannot be constrained by your intention. Only the ‘knowing’ of the infinite universe can fully support it and not your limited perspective. You have to also be in the intention to trust and surrender.

The Law of Projection

Everything you see outside of yourself is a projection of how you feel about you projected onto someone else or something else. The other person or object is holding up a mirror for you to see yourself and your inner feelings about yourself, more clearly.

You project your fears onto the world. You project your love onto the world. By projecting yourself onto something or someone enables you to shift your responsibility to them. Take responsibility for yourself, then act on it. Heal, grow and evolve by taking responsibility for yourself.

When you think something “bad” about something or someone look inside yourself to find what you feel “bad” about yourself and choose to change it if you so desire. When you think “good” about something or someone look inside yourself to find what you feel “good” about you – and then congratulate yourself with praise in your growing self worthiness.

Everything is a mirror. Whatever you are experiencing out there provides a clue as to a facet of our personal expression. If you are being abused and experiencing tremendous pain and suffering, what part of you feels that this is deserved? In other words, how are you receiving it willingly and allowing it to happen? If you are being loved and experiencing joy, how do you receive it? In other words, how do you reject it and prevent it from occurring? In all aspects consider the extent to which you embrace being loving, loved, and lovable. All circumstances that show up in your life demonstrate the extent to which you feel you are worthy and deserving.

The Law of Purification

In your understanding, know that you are part of God, a member of God, as you start to remember God, you realize that choices you made before now have not always served you well.

In the past you have thought, said and done things that do not suit you now. These things cannot be retracted but they can be forgiven.

So, firstly, forgive yourself sincerely knowing now that you will not make those choices again, now that you are a conscious choice-maker, consciously aware of being part of God. Thereafter, with regard to other parties you may have negatively affected, whether the affected parties are on the earth plane or in Spirit, ask for their forgiveness of your choices which may have adversely affected them. You simply have to genuinely ask for their forgiveness. Whether they can find it within themselves to give you forgiveness is their issue – not yours.

Now that you have identified the choices you made that you have forgiven yourself for and asked other affected parties to forgive you for, then write these issues down on paper, so they come from inside to outside of you.

If possible, and providing it can be safely done, burn this paper, possibly in a pot on the stove, and flush the ashes down the drain with water or alternatively bury them in the earth.

Fire, water, earth and air are all great purifiers as you release this negative energy from you.

As you search to re-member and become part of God, you become more and more enlightened. Any dark spots still on you or new ones you attract will be much more easily seen now that you are becoming more enlightened. The bigger your light, the bigger the shadow behind you. Your conscious choice-making has “raised the stakes” as you continually have to deal with dark issues that are so much more transparent and visible, for all to see, when you stand in a much brighter light.

The process of purification is ongoing until you reach perfection – and then earth no longer requires you as you have come to earth to heal, grow and evolve! In your process of purification THE BOOK OF UNIVERSAL SPIRIT LAWS seeking ultimate perfection, you have become part of God. Re-Member.

You can entirely change your relationship to a memory of something you did in the past. You have the opportunity to treat yourself with compassion for your journey and the level of awareness you held at that time. As you did not know any better you made the best choice you could. Now you have a fuller view and know you will choose differently now and in the future. In this way, every aspect of past, present, and future is imbodied right now. Forgive yourself across time, space, reality, and dimension. In the same way, you can forgive others for their lack of ‘knowing’. Forgiving others also includes forgiving yourself for drawing that experience to you.

The Law of Purpose

You have chosen to come to the earth plane for a purpose. At Spirit level there was one, or a number of issues, that your Karma identified as having to be balanced. Perhaps you came here to learn how to forgive, perhaps you came here to teach, perhaps you came here to learn how to give love to unloved orphans, etc., etc.

You can identify your purpose by what you do when you lose track of time. What you do when your passion takes over from your logic and you “fly” as you get “high” with passion and enthusiasm for the task at hand. This way you can find out what it is that you are here to give. When spontaneously you say “How can I help?”, when you have discovered your purpose, when you are helping others, when you feel passionate and time has no meaning, when you feel “high” on life, then know you are becoming part of God – as you Re-Member your purpose for coming as a Soul into a body on earth.

Your purpose is often embodied in the ways you spend your free time. It might be indicated by the things that you are saving for or by the things you do for free just for the fun of it. These are the times when you experience a sense of flow and beingness. That is not to say that the pursuit of your purpose is not going to be a bumpy ride. However, you are not deterred by the strife that is embedded in what you are innately drawn towards. Releasing or overcoming related suffering is likely part of discovering how to embody your gift.

The Law of Reflection

How are you feeling? Remember feelings are the language of the Soul and the Soul always stands in its integrity. So how are you really feeling about yourself? Want a clue?

What reflections of other people and other things are affecting you? When something irritates you about a person or an object identify what is really irritating you about them or it. Now look deep inside yourself and identify that irritation inside of you.

Conversely, when you are with someone who makes you happy to be alive or you see an object you really admire look deep inside yourself to see what it mirrors to you that you like about yourself.

The reflection that you have identified you cannot change in the other person or object. You must change it, if it irritates you, inside of you. If it pleases you, you must enhance it inside of you. You cannot change anyone else – only you. When you look in a mirror and your hair needs brushing, do you brush the hair on your head or the hair in the mirror?

Everything is a reflection if you open your eyes to empowering yourself at Soul level.

Look for the reflections and see what they teach you about you. By wanting to expand your consciousness and choosing to expand your spiritual growth, see the reflections as your continual growth opportunities – see these reflections as fascinating, exciting openings to become Who You Really Are as you strive to Remember you as part of God.

Always take the time to rephrase it with yourself as the focus. For example, I am tired of always being in conflict with you becomes I am tired f always being in conflict with myself. Or, I am frustrated by how lazy you are changes to I am frustrated with how lazy I am. These are negatives that you are either unaware of or turning away from. This gives you the opportunity to own them and to release the framework that supports them. Conversely, you might think I am really impressed by how creatively talented this person is would be rewritten Iove how creatively talented I am. Or, Your progress is amazing becomes I want to have this level of progress in my projects. These are positives that show you unmanifested talent and places where you can invest your energy.

Katie Byron uses exactly this powerful principle in ‘The Work‘.

The Law of Relativity

In the bigger picture, everything is related and it all fits together like a great mosaic or great jigsaw puzzle. After all, everything is One. When presented with a lesson which appears to be a problem, if the meaning you give it is a victim reaction “Why me, others deserve this not me?” then the reaction you choose may retard your spiritual progress.

If, on the other hand, if the meaning you choose to respond with is “Well this is a tough assignment, when I complete it I will really have grown spiritually”, then your relative choice, made in consciousness, will quickly advance your Soul’s journey towards enlightenment.

Each lesson presented to you is unique for you. It cannot be compared to or judged by anything or anyone else’s position or journey. That judgment or comparison is not relevant to your current situation.

If your approach is “What am I to learn from this and how will it help me grow spiritually?” then the meaning you give it is not in relation or comparison to anyone else.

If you won the lottery, would you say “no that’s not fair, give it to him over there”. If you suffered a bad accident, would you say “no that’s not fair, give it to him over there”?

You get what you need for your healing, growth and evolvement of your Soul on its journey towards enlightenment.

Make your conscious, relative choices from your Soul not your Ego for your spiritual growth.

Take up the challenge to respond as best you can to the circumstances with which you are presented. You do not know the contract your soul made as to the benefit in engaging fully even if it stretches you to the very edge of your capacity. The things you experience cannot be judged as being good or bad as you do not know the full context.

Here I am reminded of a Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “Maybe,” the farmer replied. The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed. “Maybe,” replied the old man. The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy for what they called his “misfortune.” “Maybe,” answered the farmer. The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son’s leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out. “Maybe,” said the farmer.

The farmer does not invest in whether the event is fortunate or unfortunate but just takes it as it is.

Each of these Universal Laws is a way for us to unblock everything that is preventing the flow of love within us. They are different ways of paying attention to what is happening in our lives. Everything that we experience is a pointer for our conscious growth.

*These Universal Laws are made available as part of a channeled compendium or pdf ebook. This reproduction of a selection of the Universal Laws is with full acknowledgment to and respects their request to maintain the integrity by withholding from any edit of the laws themselves.

Image by Irina Pechkareva from Pixabay

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