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Universal Laws and Limiting Beliefs

Universal Laws and Limiting Beliefs

Universal laws provide parameters for designing a life that allows us to live fully. Many traditions convey that what we think is key to the kind of experiences we attract. Much of our attitude and belief systems have been adopted with little questioning as to how they really serve. There are social expectations and boundaries which we perpetuate. Some are just there for functionality such as systematic rules for traveling about, but others limit our potential and are based on fear and self-preservation. Those that are merely practical can be improved with technological advances. Those that are for control can be seen for what they are by taking responsibility for the thoughts we get behind. When we withdraw energy from those that are not based in truth we open up the possibility to express more of our potential.

The Ten Universal Laws* that are most relevant to our ability to choose our thoughts and identify limiting beliefs are: The Law of Abundance, the law of Affirmation, the Law of As Within So Without, the Law of Attention, the Law of Compensation, the Law of Duality, the Law of Gratitude, the Law of Miracles, the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy and the Law of Truth. Below, I reproduce these Laws with a reflection on how they can inform our ability to live through what we choose to have in our stream of consciousness.

The Law of Abundance

God is love. You are part of God. You are love. God has unlimited love for you. If you open your heart you will have an abundance of love. Only you can stop this flow of abundance to you. If you do not feel worthy to receive abundance you will create a barrier to stop the flow of abundance to you.

If you feel worthy then this abundance will flow to you. In your worthiness you will want to share your flow of abundance with others.

If you want to have something in abundance give it in abundance.

If you want to have love give love. If you want to have a friend, be a friend.

This Law applies to everything! This means there is no scarcity in anything and absolutely no need for competition for resources. All that you need is provided both externally and internally. All that you need is there for the giving and receiving. How much are you prepared to give to yourself or to receive? In fact, there is no distinction between what is available for us to receive and our ability to pass it on and give. As part of the universe, you are also a wellspring.

Any belief that you have that suggests that you or the circumstances that you live in are limited is in opposition to this. Look out for these and turn them around to reflect infinite possibilities.

The Law of Affirmation

To affirm is to make firm into reality what you want to be. Your thoughts create your reality. What you believe about yourself and how you reaffirm that continually is what you manifest.

In your affirmations are your intentions for yourself?

If you so desire only create positive words to say out aloud to yourself. Affirmations happen in the present moment of now.

Effective affirmations are simple ones. For example, “Now I deserve happiness”, “Now I love my husband/wife”. Then visualize that and act as if it is a reality with constant continual repetitions of your affirmations, with visualizations and actions, as if it was a reality already, then “watch this space” as it evolves. Affirmations only manifest themselves if you stand in your integrity throughout this process.

When you have achieved what you affirm constantly maintain that affirmation process to maintain the manifestation. It is like rolling a ball up a hill, stop rolling the ball and it falls down the hill.

Make firm your reality – affirm now and in every present moment of now thereafter.

What we think subconsciously and consciously about our worth and ability influences our reality. There are those things that we believe about ourselves that are unconscious. This is the messaging that operates behind the scenes. It is possible to uncover this by paying attention to what shows up in each experience. For example, the ways in which you respond to others frequently indicates the way that you think and feel.

It is also possible to reveal what we really think about ourselves by weighing the truth of statements or worth. Such things as “Life is hard” or “People will only be good to me if I do what they want”. If you find that these have resonance but they are not statements which serve your best interests then you can reframe to affirmations of “Life is easy” and “People are always good to me”. Once you identify the switch you want to make you can actively work to release the old way of thinking and adopt the new one.

There are other patterns of thinking of which we can be fully aware but have trouble shifting, such as views around money or love. These may be linked to a network of similar beliefs. This web means that turning the belief around requires turning all the related thoughts around too. You can do this systematically with affirmations, but another powerful method is EFT or Tapping which allows you to tackle the entire network at once.

The Law of as Within so Without

Your inside is a reflection of your outside. Your inner world is a reflection of your outer world.

Your outer world and the things you create into your reality is a mirror of what you believe and have created inside of you.

You were born without a belief inside of you. That which has been done to you or by you, with or without your consent, both “good and bad” things, have buried themselves inside you. They are then manifested as your reality outside of you.

If you are angry inside of you, you will find angry people in your life. They are mirroring your denied anger back to you. If you are peaceful inside of you, you will find yourself in the company of peaceful people mirroring peace back to you.

Treat everything that others do around you as something you are doing. In other words, if people are angry in your presence, consider how you also express anger or what you do to avoid expressing it. You have many facets and these all show up in the presentation of others. Some have positive emotions and energy and these allow you to reflect on the ways that you allow love to flow in your life. Others have negative emotions and energy and these allow you to reflect on the ways in which the flow of love has become blocked and to release all the experience that has contributed to this baggage. Some are neutral allowing you to reflect on the lack of imprint of anything good or bad. In other words, you don’t have an inclination to evaluate, but allow it to just be.

Your emotions provide a clue as to where limiting beliefs exist. Any point of contraction is linked to a thought pattern. When you notice negative emotions try to identify the related beliefs and look at whether they are truly yours or just a habit you picked up.

Choose to consciously create your inner world rather than having it at the mercy of social conditioning and the things that have happened in your life. As you do so, you will find your outer world adapts to the changes you make within.

The Law of Attention

Your thoughts are a magnifying glass. What you put your attention on will result. What you put your attention on, your energy flows to create “Believing is Seeing”. What you believe you are becoming. If you want joy, fulfillment, self-worth and to know unconditional self love then hold these positive attributes in your attention and make your vision, your beliefs, a reality. Keep the perfection of the end result of your vision in your mind without doubt or fear. Intend it to come about, do what is required through necessary action to bring it about while you stand in your integrity, give it full, undivided, positive attention and see how it blossoms into reality.

Conversely, if you give your attention to worry or fear that too will manifest itself into reality.

You have freedom of choice of where to put your attention on positive or negative attitudes.

Choose wisely and pay attention!

What do you really want? Simply put – LOVE. Love is experiential and it may take some time to become familiar with what it is and discover what it is not. Then you can really build your vision of all the ways that you want Love to be part of your experience. Elaborate and maintain your wish. Every challenge allows you to add more detail to the instrumentation of Love. Notice what you attend to instead of love. What is it that feels comfortable, familiar, and safe about this suffering? How could it be different? Begin by opening to the possibility of love flowering in every area of your life and then begin to claim it. One option is to be grateful as if it has already occurred. Another is to be the change you would like to see.

The Law of Compensation

To be compensated is to be paid what you are due for the energy you have expended. In your giving of energy you are entitled to receive energy back as compensation. This receipt of energy earned by your giving, manifests itself in many and various ways. Money, friendships, love, blessings and health are some examples here. If you do not consider your giving deserves your receiving anything in exchange then you are confusing your lack of self-worth, your lack of self-love, with your perception that there is a lack of abundance in the world. There is not enough, so I will give and you do not have to worry about compensating me in any way!

The world, and the Universe, is abundant. There is more than enough for everyone. You deserve to be rewarded in abundance for what you give. You deserve to be compensated for your giving. If you do not expect, welcome and even demand compensation for your giving then you are damaging those who are receiving. They receive so the Universe can compensate you for giving. They can then give so others can receive and so the cycle goes. Your compensation is sacred and requires your acceptance of it to maintain the balance of giving and receiving by the Universe within the Universe.

Love can only truly flow if the circle is complete. Giving back in exchange for what you receive and being compensated for what you give allows the energy to flow and honors each person involved. This can be a tangible reward such as money or exchange of service or an energetic acknowledgment. This recognizes the divinity of those involved. The provision of all is met by these sacred covenants.

The Law of Duality

You cannot know “good” if you don’t know “bad”. You cannot know what it feels like to be in the “light” unless you know what “darkness” is.

The tension created by the duality of opposites, the see-saw of life, allows balance to be achieved. This balance may require you to be so much in the light to feel worthy because you have been in the darkness of unworthiness for so long.

The fulcrum of the see-saw of balance is your reference point. The further down you have gone, the further up you need to go to eventually be in balance. The duality of opposites is continually required to enable you to find your balance and, thereafter, to keep in balance.

Reference through comparison provides perspective and feedback which allows you to choose the depth of your experience. Knowing that something is objectively good or bad is not the same as identifying with it.

The Law of Gratitude

Gratitude means a great attitude! If you feel an abundance of thanks for something or someone then your Soul sends out the vibrational frequency of love and thanks. A thanks only comes from the lips. Love and thanks come for the heart, the Soul.

If you feel and can express heartfelt gratitude then you unlock the Universe’s abundance treasure chest. You know this because when you receive gratitude and appreciation you feel worthy. When you give gratitude and appreciation to something or someone you feel self-worthy. Conversely, when you give, or receive, the opposite, judgment and criticism, you feel smaller, you feel unworthy.

The gratitude you feel and express when you realize every challenge you face has within it a lesson of healing, growth and evolvement makes you look forward to challenges with willing appreciation and gratitude for your opportunity to grow. Count your blessings, in appreciation and gratitude, and watch them grow.

Use thanks and appreciation to raise your vibration. When you focus your attention on all the blessings in your life you feel joy, love, and grace. Take note of how this feels so you can recognize it and choose it everywhere.

The Law of Miracles

MIRACLE – May I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving.

Miracles occur when consciousness enables the light to evolve. Miracles are common place in God’s world of consciousness. The sunrise and sunset create miraculous artworks in the sky. However, because they are everyday occurrences they are taken for granted. Can you imagine if the sun only rose and set one day in every 50 years? How that day would be treasured and savored as a day of a miracle.

Your life is surrounded by everyday miracles. The perfection of you and how your mind, body and spirit works is a miracle of God’s creation. The conception, development and birth of a baby is a miracle.

Your growth and development is a miracle. The ecological balance within the world and the adaptation of all earth’s creatures is a miracle. How people transform themselves in consciousness from “bad” to “good” is a miracle. The healing, growth and evolution of you and others as you become part of God, the Source of all Miracles, is a miracle of transformation.

By seeing and recognizing the miracles evolving around you, you start to connect to the possibility that miracles are possible and you can manifest miracles.

Start to recognize the conscious light evolving within you, and people with whom you interact. Genuinely compliment yourself and them, for having the conscious light within and watch the miracles that emerge in your relationships with yourself and with those others.

Live your life in consciousness of light evolving then – Expect a Miracle!

Life is fragile which means every experience in physical form is a miracle. With this perspective, one cannot help but be in gratitude for every second of every day.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Everything and everyone is only energy. With free will you can choose to change, to transmute, energy with your thoughts.

Your thoughts come from your perspective of situations, people and things. These perspectives are based on your judgments. These judgments are made from where you are standing at the present moment of now.

By learning not to judge, by accepting “What is Now”, your thoughts change and more positive thoughts, based on greater understanding and acceptance, allow higher vibrational frequencies to consume and change previous lower vibrational frequencies of thought, which may have been more negative thoughts. This transmutation comes about by forgiveness of others and sending them love.

By thinking negative thoughts you send lower vibrational frequencies to others negatively affecting all parties involved.

If you use your free will to change and transmute your thought patterns, based on forgiveness and love, you allow your vibrational frequencies of energy to increase as you evolve towards the light.

What is your energetic resonance from moment to moment? It can evolve or devolve. If you have chosen to do all you can for your conscious evolution then you will be committed to forgiveness and compassionate acceptance of yourself and others.

The Law of Truth

Man’s search for the truth has taken him down many interesting and strange pathways over the years. Man’s desire to find the truth has, in many instances, been man’s desire to define the truth for his benefit. Man’s beliefs change and man assumes that those beliefs are the “truth”. So man assumes the truth also changes.

To define truth, it may be wise to understand what is not truth. When all the things that are not truth are taken away then truth lies bare to be defined.

TRUTH – To Rely Unto The Heavens

TRUTH – To Remember Unconditionally Through Healing

TRUTHS -To Reflect Upon Thy Higher Self

TRUTHS – To Record Unto Thy Higher Self

Can one army believe it is a truth that God is on their side? What God of love can support an army intent on killing people, who are Souls, which Souls are part of God? God is not suicidal, wanting to support the killing of parts of God.

So there is only one Truth – God is Love.

God is love in genuineness, faithfulness, honesty, exactness, correctness and righteousness. God is worthy of Trust. When you, as part of God, are love then you are being truthful. This truth is unchanging, indestructible, eternal and infinite.

There are those who know the truth but are not truthful in their behavior. There are those who love the truth but even this love can be spurned when unconscious choices dominate. There are those who delight in the truth, they embody the truth within themselves. These people are the truth, be the truth and can see the truth. They are the ABC of the truth. These people have healed, grown and evolved to become enlightened and have taken their rightful, truthful place as part of God. These people, in their truth, are love; be love, see love – the ABC of love in their truth.

The Truth is God is love and you are part of God now you know the Truth.

Truth is empowering but is not to be feared. Many fear it because it requires releasing that which is not true. This process is cleansing but feels like the loss of a part of the self. In fact, this is a false self, that which is true cannot be washed away.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. This quote needs no explanation! ‘Word’ is translated from ‘Logos’ – the divine reason implicit in the cosmos. This provides some clue as to the power of our beliefs. When we have reverence for our thoughts we take much greater care with them. When they are not tended to they limit us. When we do all we can to be aware of their formation we find liberation.

*These Universal Laws are made available as part of a channeled compendium or pdf ebook. This reproduction of a selection of the Universal Laws is with full acknowledgment to and respects their request to maintain the integrity by withholding from any edit of the laws themselves.

Image by Irina Pechkareva from Pixabay


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