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Universal Laws and Surrender

Universal Laws and Surrender

Surrender has a connotation of giving up and being weak and losing. However, in this representation, it is a way not to compete and to be completely free. It is about being absolutely accepting of life in every expression that is occurring at this moment. This means not engaging in reactivity or placing any aspect in comparison to another. Another way to frame it is by claiming your ability to respond. You will respond to what is one way or another so wouldn’t you prefer to do it consciously and from a place of love?

The Universal Laws* that speak to being absolutely aligned to what is right now are the Law of Allowing, the Law of Attachment, the Law of Blessing, the Law of Compassion, the Law of Detachment, the Law of Flow, the Law of Least Effort, the Law of Responsibility, The Law of Surrender and the Law of Vulnerability. In the following, I reproduce these laws and provide a commentary on stepping into your ability to respond to every aspect of life around you.

The Law of Allowing

Allow others to be who they are, to do what they do and to have what they have. Do not judge them and do not have emotional attachments and expectations of them. They are what, who and how they are. If that is different to who, what and how you are, so be it. Accept, honor, respect, allow and support who you are. Accept, honor, respect, allow and support who they are.

Honor their right to live their life as they choose, to worship their perception of God as they want to, or not to worship if that be their choice. They are neither right nor wrong. They simply “are” what they are. Given where they are standing right now, their conditioning, their beliefs, their circumstances, their present needs and desires, their choice to be “just are” can be understood if you allow yourself to stand in their shoes. Do not judge, simply allow you to be you and allow them to be the Beings that they “just are”. Release them in love and allow them to be.

Much of what we think is generated because we do not allow what is right now to just be. We compare and judge based on what we have identified as good or bad, our likes and dislikes. These are as much constructed from the experiences we have had as the preferences of anyone else. We give them an importance that is not deserved because we identify strongly with our choices and values. If you realize that, in fact, these parameters hold little meaning it reduces the expectation we have of ourselves and others. It also reduces the extent of our emotional turmoil in response to differences. Ultimately releasing these boundaries frees us to appreciate whatever is presented as a unique expression of God.

The Law of Attachment

Your Ego has wants, your Soul has needs. You may not get what you want but you will definitely get what you need for your healing, growth and evolvement.

Your Ego wants create attachments to things that you want to make you feel better about yourself. Your wants you are attached to will manipulate and control your inner sense of worth and happiness. If you receive your wants you are attached to those wants being received, and remaining, to feel worthy and happy. If you don’t receive these wants or they do not remain or sustain themselves, you feel unworthy and not happy. Attachment creates conditional acceptance and determines your fluctuating inner self worth attitudes. Being attached to something creates dependency. You act like a puppet on a string being manipulated and controlled in conditional acceptance and conditional love.

The converse, being detached, comes from your Soul and creates unconditional acceptance of yourself, by yourself, and unconditional self love resulting in positive self worthiness.

This has two aspects worthy of introspection. These are the things that we cling to and the things that we resist. We actively move towards those aspects that are wanted. We actively move away from those aspects that are unwanted. This urge to be somewhere else occurs in our thoughts, emotions, physical expression, and energetic response and creates suffering. It gives away control to the thing that we want to have or don’t want. Instead, there is the option of remaining empowered by choosing how to respond at any given moment. All these desires to add or subtract from our experience stem from the premise that we are insufficient as we are. If we fully and completely appreciate the perfection of how we are right now at this moment then there is no impetus to improve.

The Law of Blessings

BLESS – Being Love Evokes Sacred Souls

When you give someone a blessing, providing it is done in love and in light, you are asking God to shine Divine Light onto, and into, that person, people or event. By giving a blessing you become enlightened as you feel God’s love touching you. When you receive a blessing knowingly, or unknowingly, know that God did not have to go far to bless you, after all you are part of God.

May God bless you and keep you. May God cause Divine Light to shine upon you. May God create your peace.

A wish for the wellbeing of another is without parameters. It is just a request for an opening to a different dimension of consciousness. This action comes from oneness and impacts the vibration of all those involved because it dissolves boundaries.

The Law of Compassion

To have compassion is to have understanding. To be compassionate is to be forgiving. To develop compassion, first understand and forgive yourself, knowing that you are doing the best you can within your current belief system and your current capability levels. The more understanding, forgiveness and loving kindness you can give yourself the more genuine compassion you can feel for someone else and the more compassion you can give to someone else.

Do not judge yourself or anyone else. There are only teachers for you, not friends or enemies. There are only lessons for you, not “good” or “bad” experiences. You are here to heal, grow and evolve. Be kind to yourself, you are a child of the Universe. Be compassionate to yourself and to others in your understanding, forgiveness and love.

Forgiveness of others is a reflection of forgiveness of yourself. Ultimately, there is nothing to forgive as we are acting outside of knowing ourselves as God. With the complete acceptance of what is right now at this moment, our only choice is how to respond. An appreciation of the gift of life for allowing the seed of consciousness to blossom brings only compassion for any expression that occurs in this journey.

The Law of Detachment

To be detached from the outcome of a result means that you have learnt to trust. TRUST – To Rely Upon Spirit Totally

When you know that Spirit will give you what you need – not necessarily what you want (that’s Ego’s job) – then you will learn to do the work that is required to be done and move on. The results will take care of themselves. Whatever the outcome of the results that will be dealt with at the appropriate time. If you stand in the way of the energy creating the outcome, or result, through your lack of trust, insecurity and fearfulness, you put a barrier in the way of blocking the efficiency of that flow of energy. By learning to trust, you live in the wisdom of insecurity and uncertainty where there are unlimited opportunities being created in the present moment of now.

Be detached – Let go and let God – and expect a miracle!

MIRACLE – May I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving.

When you acknowledge your complete control over how to respond, you can choose to do whatever is needed according to your capabilities. In each moment you make a choice to do what is required without concern for what comes next or what came before.

The Law of Flow

Everything is energy. The states of matter that are in existence depend on the frequency, or vibration level, at which that energy is vibrating. When energy is static its power level is low. When energy flows, at a regulated acceptable level, then it is very effective in all areas. When energy flows, at full speed, creativity as well as destruction and damage could result. The flow of energy that is most effective, most productive, most prosperous is when the outflow of energy matches the inflow of energy. No strain, no draining, no leakage of energy is experienced.

The flow of energy, at the correct level, enables blockages to be removed. These blockages were created when energy did not flow correctly. Balancing the flow of energy keeps everything at its optimum performance. This also applies to personal emotions, health, relationships, finances, work, love, friendship – and everything else that has meaning in your life.

Step into what you do with intensity, but not urgency. When you are not compelled to move forward or, conversely, to stand still then you are able to go along with whatever presents. The analogy of the river journey is that your craft is in good working order, not spinning, not taking on water and going in the direction of the current. Movement and change will occur with or without your alignment. When you are in resistance it is as if you are not on board. Since you are not available to navigate a sensible path then you will not be in control of where you end up.

The Law of Least Effort

Law of Least Effort promises you effortless ease and care-freeness as you apply the principle of no resistance. Nature shows us how harmony and love allow nature to blossom forth effortlessly and if you can truly be Who You Really Are, a part of God, then the Law of Least Effort will unfold in front of you.

When your motivations are purely love based, your energy manifests itself and you can use this surplus energy to manifest what you intentionally want to create. By accepting this moment as it should be, by taking responsibility for how you feel, having the ability to change how you feel and by not defending your point of view, your energy is unlimited and if you now follow the path of non-resistance you will experience happiness and bliss as your life flows with effortless ease. Your intentions are released with detachment and trust in the process of the Universe to give you what you need when you need it -all in effortless ease.

As you remove boundaries it just becomes about life itself and what is needed to really live. In essence, you become aligned with the universe: a drop from the ocean. It carries you and you carry it as there is no distinction between you and all other energy. The story embedded on top of our momentary experience creates layers that require effort to perpetuate. Without this narrative, nature still exists and cycles and evolves.

The Law of Responsibility

Whatever rises will fall and whatever falls will rise again. Change is the only constant.

Responsibility – the ability to respond. Please note, not the ability to react. Responding is a conscious choice, reaction is an unconscious choice.

You are never given anything you need for your healing, growth and evolvement that you can’t handle. Challenges are sent to you to see if you have, or can develop, the ability to respond.

The Universe respects you and honors you with opportunities, sometimes incorrectly seen as problems, to enable you to develop your responsibility – your ability to respond.

You are not responsible for anyone else. Their ability to respond is also being tested. If you respond for them how will they heal, grow and evolve. You dishonor them by responding for them.

Your true responsibility towards others is to empower them by encouraging them to grasp the opportunity presented to them so they have, or develop, their own ability to respond for their own issues.

By taking responsibility for yourself you ensure that you are fit and healthy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. If you are in that space, fully fit and healthy, and you have surplus energy, then you may help others empower themselves to learn to be responsible.

You are not responsible for protecting people from their feelings. Stand in your integrity and honestly express your feelings as you take responsibility for yourself. By honestly expressing your feelings, you allow others to grow in responsibility as they hear and then feel their reactions and responses to what you are feeling about them.

By taking responsibility do not blame others or project your negative feelings onto others. Take total responsibility for your life.

This requires witnessing ourselves: our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and energy placements. By taking an objective look at what is happening in real-time you can create enough space to be responsive rather than reactive. This allows you to move out of automaticity to conscious action. By honoring this within yourself, you can demonstrate a new way of being to those still in reaction. You have no obligation to lessen their creation of suffering any more than they do to you.

The Law of Surrender

To surrender does not mean putting your hands in the air and flying a white flag, it is not defeat, giving up or failing. To surrender is to be wise. It is wise to accept the flow of life’s energy rather than resist it. To surrender is to accept “What is now” unconditionally and to give up, without any reservations whatsoever, any inner resistance to “What is now”.

By making a conscious choice at this moment, and in every present moment of now, to fully accept that the present moment is as it should be, then by surrendering to this knowledge you are more powerful than you could possibly believe. By not judging the present moment of now but by accepting it and offering no resistance to what is now, you show tremendous faith in God and other Unseen Entities. This allows you to be in a state of grace, easy flow and enlightenment. Whether things are perceived “good” or “bad” is not material in this state of grace. Things are what they are and, eventually everything happens for the best. You can truly let go and let God – but make sure you row away from the rocks! By surrendering to “what is now”, in this state of graceful surrender, you can see clearly what action needs to take place and by doing one thing at a time, step by step, inch by inch, moment by moment, as illustrated in the Law of Process, you accomplish what needs to be done, in your surrendered state.

The energy released in a surrendered state is a powerful, healing energy. This energy propels your healing, growth and evolvement. Surrender to discover how powerful You Really Are.

By accepting the flow of life’s energy you become a channel for the work of God and claim the oneness that is. You are in a state of trust such as you know you can do what you can do and that is all that is needed.

The Law of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is your greatest strength. When you become vulnerable, when you expose your deepest secrets, when you show someone else that you trust them with everything you hold valuable, then you allow them to show you understanding, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, love and trust.

Inherently everyone wants to be loved, respected, admired and trusted. This is Who They Really Are at Soul level.

By being truthfully vulnerable, not through manipulation and control, but by being open and honest, you allow people to show you their true selves, at Soul level.

This trust creates true friendships. By becoming vulnerable, you do not have to expend most of your energy protecting the masks and facades your Ego has created. You can use that energy correctly, creatively, meaningfully to become Who You Really Are at Soul level.

When you show your vulnerability, you allow you and others to become the best that all of you can be. Now that inner strength of you, and others, at Soul level is your greatest strength. So vulnerability becomes your greatest strength as you allow Soul to replace Ego in your life.

This puts aside all fear and allows others to do the same. By owning fully your flawed magnificence you allow every possible expression available to you. This is instead of being restricted to those presentations as constrained by your social expectations. In other words, you give voice to your truth rather than a story obtained from someone else.

Each of these Universal Laws asks for a form of surrender and trust in all that you are.

*These Universal Laws are made available as part of a channeled compendium or pdf ebook. This reproduction of a selection of the Universal Laws is with full acknowledgment to and respects their request to maintain the integrity by withholding from any edit of the laws themselves.

Image by Irina Pechkareva from Pixabay

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