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What’s your Guiding Word or Theme?


Choose an inspirational word or theme as a pointer. Take the time to select a topic that affirms where you are going or who you want to be. Using this word or theme to direct your focus for some time can be helpful. It can highlight a state of being (such as calm) or a state of doing (such as productive).

Many people select a word or statement at the beginning of the year that describes how they seek to be that year.

An additional more expansive option is to select a theme. Common options might be Family, Identity, or Health.

The word or theme that you select supports you in moving forward. It provides a reminder of where you want to direct your attention. This could support goals you have set yourself, management of life transitions, how you wish to expand or elaborate on your expression, or the type of life you want to live.

Goals you have set

Your word or theme might relate to a vision you have for your future. Perhaps you have an aspiration that you are working towards and want to increase or maintain momentum. Reaching this goal might have a particular marker that you can quantify in terms of output or certification which requires regular engagement. The way in which you seek to up-level your role or circumstance could help you identify your word or theme. Options might be: write to publish, exercise for iron man, connect for visibility, or organize for essentialism.

Life transitions

The second area of focus relates to new beginnings. This could be a change associated with moving house, changing jobs or retiring, starting a family, or letting a family member go. Each of these involves a fundamental change to your life experience where something disappears from your life to be replaced. They are often associated with a change in setting and relationship. With adjustments such as these, it is helpful to direct your attention to your well-being, and selecting a word or theme can support you in this. Words or themes in this category often intentionally acknowledge growth and meeting your needs.


The third possibility is about being a better person. This is often about acknowledging the shadow and releasing it to claim greater compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. Your word or theme can describe the particular practices that will move your forward. Perhaps, Meditation, Tapping, or Ho’oponopono. Or, it might be a reminder to start doing something that contributes to the greater society such as tithing, recycling, volunteering, etc.

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay