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What Does The Metaphor “Life Is A Game” Teach Us?


chess-pixabayHave you ever heard other people saying that “Life is a game that has to be played?” This metaphor brings forth interesting insights with some deeper consideration.

The key assumption embedded in this statement is that there is one game that everyone is playing. On the face of it, this might appear to be correct, but it is much more multidimensional than that.

The game of life may have similarities from one person to another depending on your age. However, your game pieces, arena, and instructions are as unique as you are. It is also totally up to you who you choose to play with. And also whether you choose to play for a while by their rules. Have you ever thought about what your personal game of life looks like? What do you have to do to win? How might you lose? What are the rules you are playing by?

My game of life is not based on chance. It is about taking the time to identify the growing edge and then asking the questions that move it forward. My overall strategy has four stages.

Stage One

Pay exquisite attention to my daily experiences in order to identify what is currently providing the greatest challenge.

Stage Two

Once this is known, it is time to let my imagination go outlining all the possibilities for meeting this challenge. I immerse myself in this process to connect with my thoughts and my physical state of being. Allow space for percolation as new ideas come to mind.

Stage Three

Make my courageous choices regarding which option to make a reality.

Stage Four

I take time to access my profound gratitude for what I have learned and achieved.


Each cycle through the strategy begins with a fresh mind, noticing what occurs and making tweaks to my plan for the future me.

In my game, I cannot fail as every iteration in the evolution of the self has inherent beauty even if it is painful in the moment.

Have you figured out how you want to play?

How do you best like to engage with life. Let me know in the comments.

Image by Nachrichten_muc from Pixabay

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