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Ask And It Is Given: Review and coaching application


With this blog post, I want to share a summary of the book Ask And It Is Given: Learning To Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The teachings of Abraham).

Esther Hicks is a channeler, inspirational speaker, and author. She writes and leads workshops with her husband sharing information from a group of non-physical entities called Abraham.

The processes in this book support understanding of your emotional guidance system and your vibrational set point. They allow us to reconnect with the nonphysical part of self so that we can achieve anything that we desire. All human physical beings have access to the non-physical, but it is often blocked. Our emotions are the key to removing these blocks.

Abraham provides a reminder that you are not separate from the divine, and that you can consciously connect to the source of the divine and your well-being through your feelings.

We get what we think about

Whether you focus on what you want or focus on what you don’t want or lack, it leads to it being included in your experience. This means you need to choose the former and focus on your vision with positive framing. Choose your excitement over the desire for a goal and the journey to reach it rather than focusing on the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Thoughts are activated by your attention and are deactivated when your attention moves elsewhere. When you give attention to a thought you begin to align with it. The variety inherent in life supports you in identifying what you desire. As you maintain a desire you will continue to move towards it and as you reach what you desire new desires will come. Every request anyone makes is answered so there is no such thing as competition for resources.

Emotions are the key to choosing our thoughts

Emotions provide a guidance system that anyone can apply with no previous training. The basic premise is that you must be in alignment with receiving what you are asking for. It is not possible to stand in resistance to what you want and receive it at the same time.

You don’t yet have what you want because you have not yet put yourself in the vibrational space of receiving what you ask for. As you release all discord, your vibrational space becomes a match for what you desire. In other words, you will receive when you are ready to receive!

The gap between asking and allowing yourself to receive is the time you take to bring yourself into vibrational alignment. Your emotions indicate the strength of desire and state of allowing of your desire. Stronger emotions indicate a strong desire. Speed of manifestation is related to the clarity and specificity of your desire. This means that you can deliberately adjust your own set point to align with what you want to receive.

Using emotions to become a deliberate creator

You have to become a deliberate creator of your reality. The perfect creative situation is to really want something that you truly believe is possible and fully appreciate receiving.

Each of us has total and complete freedom to create what we want, but we find ourselves held back by social conditioning. We find ourselves influenced by others through laws, rules, expectations, opinions, and impositions. When we are guided by these external pressures, we lose sight of our desires. Others cannot guide us as they cannot grasp our desires or vibrational being.

We feel good when our thoughts harmonize with source. So the more positive our feelings the more elevated our point of attraction. Allow your well-being by deliberately choosing thoughts to feel better even if they are new or unfamiliar. Increasing your vibrational set point will give you an understanding of the past, and predictability of the future. The better you feel, the more connected you are to the source of the divine and the divinity within you (They are not separate). According to Abraham, a natural joyful zest for life will return as you begin to use these powerful laws of the universe.

The book describes an emotional scale and provides fantastic exercises to climb this scale to reclaim time, get healthy, find financial freedom, reframe from positive to negative, improve feelings, have better thoughts, delegate to the universe, ask for something new, be appreciative, have abundance, and grow your vision.

Coaching application

Coaches support their clients in creating a positively framed vision. Here, it is taken one step further by fully appreciating the vision at completion and clearing out any negative thoughts and feelings that stand between the client and the fruition of what they want. Encourage using the imagination as a tool until the manifestation of the desire feels like the next logical step. You can also demonstrate how to proactively choose thoughts that invoke a higher emotion on the emotional scale.

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Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay