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The Secret: Review and coaching application


This is a review of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, the first book in the series inspired by the hit documentary of the same name. The others in the series are The Power, The Magic, Hero, and The Greatest Secret. Rhonda is an Australian television writer and producer who trusted her intuition to share the inspiration that was fundamental to the brilliance of some of histories greatest masters with us all.

The Secret contains a compilation of all the teachings of those that already use the Law of Attraction for inspired action.

The main idea is that you attract what you think. That is, what you focus on the most becomes your experience. In addition to this, the way to proactively manage what you think is to use your feelings as a guide. Feelings immediately inform you about the frequency of your thoughts. And, if you feel bad there are proactive things that you can do to shift to feeling good and change your frequency in an instant.

Think good thoughts recipe

You create what you want through the 3 step process of ask, believe, and receive. To ask you need clarity about what you want. To believe you need to feel that the chance of it happening is 100%. In other words, believe that you will receive. Finally, to receive you need to connect with the thrill of receiving. You can apply these principles to your vision for the future and to intentionally create the day you anticipate.

How can you think thoughts that you feel good about?

The following are suggested as tools to proactively guide what you think.

  1. Use visualization to create images of what you want and how happy it will make you as you experience it.
  2. Be grateful for what you have received and what you have yet to receive.
  3. If something does not go the want you wanted just replay it as if it did.
  4. Focus on adding to your experience of joy and frame what you want positively.
  5. Since, the feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit and provides the greatest power for manifestation, consider:
  • What you love about yourself.
  • How you would love to be treated.
  • What you would love to be paid.
  • How you would love to use your wealth.
  • How you love your body and your experience of your body.

6. Notice what you resist. This is a bad feeling and will attract more of what you don’t want. Change it to a good thing by allowing it to be experienced and processed.
7. Avoid focussing on your own or the world’s problems. Instead, think about the miracles that would occur for these problems to ease such as peace, education, love, abundance, and trust.
8. Be willing to praise and bless everything as this dissolves the negative. By approaching negative thoughts and feelings with compassion, and forgiveness as they arise it is possible to let go of the past hurt or future projected difficulties and release limiting beliefs.

Applying this knowledge

Just feel good now and repeat to claim your power and through ripple effects humanity’s power. Life is abundant and your own attraction cannot deprive anyone else of theirs – the supply is unlimited.

The Secret still suggests that you have a choice. While it is true in that you can turn away from love and we frequently do. This book is clearly stating that love is the way to the life of your dreams which means love is the only choice. The single and simple option is to commit wholeheartedly to your joy.

In coaching, awareness usually comes from deeper consideration of our thoughts and feelings. There is scope here though to focus on more of what we truly love and how to be loving towards ourselves.

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Image by Peter H from Pixabay