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Motivate Yourself: Key#4 Stay Optimistic

Stay Optimistic

The first three keys to self-motivation of envisioning your future, taking action steps towards it, and addressing the fears that hold you back, can all be more easily maintained by the fourth key: a commitment to being positive. Making a pledge to stay optimistic by focussing on opportunities and possibilities aids in affirming and encouraging the progress you are making. It is a form of self-advocacy that you have control over. Whenever possible, adjust your thinking to propel you forward, and sustain your enthusiasm and high energy. You can do this with the following techniques:

1) I am Happy Because …

Find reasons to be optimistic and committed. Make sure your goals and the steps to reach them are defined positively so that they pull you onward. Think about all the things that you are grateful for, especially those that contribute directly to the goals you are focused on. As you complete each step, take time to acknowledge it to build your confidence that you can do all that needs to be done. Pay attention to and be thankful for everything in your vision that you implement and achieve.

2) Celebrate Your Contribution

Identify all the ways you serve and support others in the daily tasks that you perform. This could be anything from providing a nurturing environment to mentoring, to supplying resources. These are all ways in which you provide value, and often reflect central themes in the future you envision for yourself. Celebrate the times when you are sharing your best self and expand upon them. Doing more of these activities where you are in flow, totally present, centered and relaxed is a reward in itself. This is how you uniquely make a difference in your community and with your friends and family.

3) Embrace Yourself

After defining how you serve others, consider how you can best serve yourself. How can you nurture, support, and accept yourself? Listen to your self-talk (the messaging that erupts from your stream of consciousness) and where necessary turn this content around to make it compassionate, loving and inspiring. Also, make it part of your routine to pump things up. Use your inner voice as if you were giving a locker room pre-game pep talk. Affirm your brilliance. Tell yourself ‘I can do it’, ‘I am a winner’, and ‘I am ready to give 100%’. Come from a place of alignment with your skillset and potential, and take on the challenge of your own self-development.

Three methods that you can use to actively encourage yourself and stay optimistic are being constructive in your outlook, appreciating all that you do to nourish the development of others, and standing up for who you are now and the person you are becoming.

The fifth key to motivating yourself is never giving up. Check out these techniques to optimize your persistence so quitting never becomes an option.

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