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Deliberate Receiving: Review and coaching application


The best-selling book “Deliberate Receiving: Finally the universe makes some freaking sense” by Melody Fletcher outlines how to leverage The Law of Attraction by raising your consciousness. Melody is an expert in the Law of Attraction who supports people in getting the life they dream about. She outlines the transformation that occurs as follows:

Perhaps you are only too aware of the pain of the things that you don’t want. You learned a paradigm of avoiding pain from your caregivers and community. However, a new paradigm is emerging of seeking pleasure. It is about reconnecting with your mastery in terms of living your desires rather than hoping that they will come true one day.

When you don’t move into living, you just stay on repeat and this generates more desires and frustrations. In contrast, stepping into living gives vibrancy and purpose. The feedback system for this shift is your emotions. The more you replay your experiences the worse you feel. The more you enact newly created desires the better you feel. Often you don’t feel like you can enact what you want but you always can. This book provides an insight into how.

The Basis for the Law of Attraction

Everything is energy and some of this is translated into our personal physical experience. You project the energy that is bounced back. You only ‘see’ facets of others that match your vibration. This is not a punishment or judgment, but just a reflection of your vibration.

Frequency is how you resonate when you focus on something. This is not the frequency of that said thing but your representation of it. Whatever is active in this representation is also activated in other things that you encounter. For example, experiencing food that you find disgusting leaves your vibrational focus on disgust in all things. Your reaction to each manifestation provides the focus for the next manifestation.

Core limiting beliefs

There are many limiting beliefs picked up from the collective that target survival as opposed to thriving. Things like ‘You can’t get what you want’, ‘The game is unwinnable’, ‘Life is unfair’, ‘Make the best of it’, or ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’. You may not see all the options available to you because of these limiting beliefs.

None of these perspectives incorporate your personal passions. Therefore, all of them come from incomplete data. Consequently, many perspectives can exist together without violating the idea of a single truth. We each experience a meaningful piece of the collective whole and share our conclusion based on our unique data. One great way to identify outdated beliefs is to complete the phrase. “Yes, but …”

Identifying limiting beliefs

When you experience a limiting belief there’s is an increase in the negative emotions you feel due to a focus on something you don’t like.

If you have resistance in the form of limiting beliefs your focus wont be a single vibrational note, but a chord. Focusing on what you want activates frequency around what you want as well as any resistance. Use this to activate and identify the precise belief system that is blocking you.

It is possible that you may be denying how you actually feel. Break out of this by paying attention to how you feel as opposed to an intellectual representation of how you should feel. In other words, not how you think you feel, but how you really feel physiologically.

Changing Limiting Beliefs

When you establish a framework you automate your responses. However, your circumstances can change until what was automatic is no longer your best option. Limiting beliefs are automatic programs that have outlived their usefulness. They were written with limited data and you can rewrite them as you get better data.

You actively engage with this process by acknowledging the possibility of a new belief. You then open up to a new belief by considering what you would like to believe and feel and look for enough supporting data to make the switch.

Sometimes people can’t change their beliefs because they are convinced they are not a choice. This is paradoxical because it invalidates free will. This black and white perspective is counteracted by acknowledging moments when you did change your mind and adopt a new belief. Sometimes people also try to hold on to their beliefs because of the threat to the stability of their worldview.

If you don’t believe, remind yourself that there are many options that you are not currently seeing. Connect to the feeling behind what you want and not how it might happen. Check out the things you don’t want and the emotion in each to identify the vibrational shift that you want. It is not the stuff but the feelings: things like being free successful, appreciated, and proud of yourself. Focus on the emotional essence of what you want.

You can use visualization to gain clarity on your thoughts as well as to actually shift the belief. If you can’t visualize anything different the belief is likely more ingrained and more emotional. Imagine your new reality and the possibility of having faith in it.

Emotional empowerment scale

Emotions decrease in negativity from depression to shame to anger to frustration then increase in positivity from hope to enthusiasm to joy. This shift in vibration is mirrored by an increase in empowerment and a shift from blame to responsibility. You don’t permanently hang out in one emotion but have a collective experience in one area of the scale. Change your experience incrementally as a progression up the emotional empowerment scale.

Depression – all power lies with an outside source.

Shame – gaining power by doing things for others without feeling worthy.

Anger – demanding that power be given to you.

Frustration – pretty sure that you can get what you want, but don’t yet believe that you will. Some resistance still blocks you that you need to figure out.

Zero-point – shifting from the experience of negative emotions to positive ones. The lack of emotion, numbness, listlessness, or apathy can feel boring and similar to depression but it is just a recalibration.

Hope – believing that is possible to get what you want. You take responsibility for focusing on pleasure and redirect when necessary.

Enthusiasm – expecting to get what you want. You appreciate that all things happen for you not to you. Can slide down the scale due to fear of your own power.

Joy – fully trusting that everything works out.

Using your emotions for deliberate receiving

When something feels off (a negative emotion) this provides a cue and motivation to adjust your focus until it feels better. Sometimes this interferes with the manifestation of what you want. If you are frightened it may feel better not to go after what you want! Most of the time it feels better to go where you can find what you are looking for, identify and select it, and receive it.

According to Melody, your willpower is there to help you shift your focus and move to a higher vibration. Allow yourself to observe and experience your emotions to become more conscious of how you receive and experience receiving.

As a coaching technique, this is all about the interplay between what you think and what you feel and actively engaging in the process to move up the emotional scale. You do this by iteratively changing what you think or believe using how it feels as your guide.

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay