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Five Ways to Access the Vibration of Love


The five ways to open your heart and access the vibration of love are Empathy, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Positive reframing, and Blessing with love. You can apply each one to anything that you are focused on or anything that occurs in your reality.

Each one has the power to heal and elevate your experience such that you are more resilient when you encounter life’s downs.

I believe that these five ways to access the vibration of love map onto the Sage Powers of Empathize, Navigate, Explore, Innovate, and Activate that are outlined in the Positive Intelligence Program for Mental Fitness.


Empathy can be accessed through contemplating your children, pets, or yourself as a child. This allows you to become familiar with this aspect of unconditional love. It also arises when you feel compassion which is frequently associated with being ‘sorry that’, ‘sorry for’, or ‘sorry about. Underneath the compassion that you feel for your own or another’s pain is the core being that is in alignment no matter what occurs. This is what empathy brings you closer to.

The Empathize Sage power is the ability to connect with your innocence and inner essence.


One level of appreciation and gratitude is through being thankful for your external trappings and experiences. Another is the peace you feel when you connect with your current level of being and who you are becoming. One way to do this is to visualize the future ideal you looking back on your life. For which aspects of your journey and presentation do you find yourself most grateful? This often provides insight into what we might do next to reach our goals.

The Navigate Sage power is the ability to connect with your wise or higher self and the gifts of life itself.


Forgiveness allows you to move into acceptance and allowing. This means that you will let it go as a point of pain in your history. You are not condoning. You can still adapt your boundaries to prevent repetition. It is an acknowledgment that a person who behaves in a way that causes pain is acting without true consciousness of what they are doing. It is about not holding your developing level of consciousness against yourself or others.

‘For giving’ is an opportunity to choose and engage with where we are at even if we don’t like it.

The Explore Sage power is the ability to be where we are right now and connect to our possibilities. It is about operating from our current level of being as well as our becoming.

Positive reframing

This is about connecting to the things that make you enthusiastic even about the most awful prospect. You uplevel the meaning to one that serves and rewards rather than punishes.

One way to do this is to identify the smallest aspects of an idea that you find appealing even if the overall concept is objectionable.

Another way is to intentionally identify the polar positive experience that counteracts any lack demonstrated. The things that would give us our power back. Simply put, if what is presented is sad find the happiness embedded in it. This may be as simple as increasing awareness of what would make us happy.

The Innovate Sage power is about expanding on what we have. It allows us to think outside the box. The shifts in awareness provide us with a more positive experience of the path that we are on or an alternative way to engage with our goals.

Blessing with love

One great way to do this is to simply send a silent (or verbal) prayer that there will be more peace, abundance, nourishment. Another is to provide the resources to meet a need. Anything that would end suffering. When you give a blessing you also feel its light touching you. Also, be willing to receive the blessings that other people share with you.

The Activate Sage power is connecting to our power to take inspired action in the service of ourselves and others. When our action has meaning, it comes from a place of blessing. You do not have to take action for action’s sake. Sometimes, it is simply being present to what is. You allow your intuition to guide you. This empowerment comes from a place of service by creating space for what is becoming.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay