Using a Wish List to Connect to Your Deepest Desires

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What is your wish list

Generating a wish list or dreams list is one way to connect to your possibilities and inner desires. The list itself can take whatever form you prefer. It can simply be a list, or it could be organized by themes, or in the form of a chart.

Taking time to generate a wish list – and it should take some time – gives you a reference point, a place to check-in when you lack resolve or inspiration. Allow your list to grow with you. Don’t be afraid to remove items that are no longer a good fit, such as possessions, or skills, or activities that were a priority for previous ways of thinking. Take note of any areas where you don’t have inspiration; here you can ask what might support you in identifying what you would like to create.
It is your opportunity to brainstorm and write down everything that comes to mind that you have ever wanted to do in any domain. In fact, you can use the different areas of your life for inspiration. For example:

1) Your Family

Think about your family life, your more intimate relationships with your parents, partner, children if you have them, and extended family.
a. If members of your family have passed on, what do you wish for, to give you a sense of completion?
b. What do you want your ideal exchanges with your family members to be like?
c. How would you like them to experience you?

2) Your Finances

Take stock of your finances and how your attention to them supports your continued growth.
a. What level of earning investment is required to meet your needs?
b. How do you want to experience money?
c. What do you want to do for successful money management

3) Your Environment

Consider your external surroundings. These are all the environments you surround yourself with, your
possessions and living circumstances.
a. What kinds of habitat do you want more of?
b. Where do you feel most content and at peace?
c. Which of the things you own are you most connected to?

4) Your Job

Reflect on your work and where it has become a vocation.
a. What do you aspire to in your career?
b. What do you go out of your way to find time to do?
c. Where can you best express your talents?

5) Your Social Life

Assess your friends and colleagues and community social exchanges and the ways in which they enrich your life.
a. How do they support you in your becoming?
b. What would you do for each other?
c. In what ways do they allow you to make a difference?

6) Your Personal Development

Take a look at your own personal development and growing edge.
a. What do you want to learn?
b. How do you want to stretch yourself?
c. What are your aspirations?

7) Your Vitality

Examine your health and well-being and how it allows you to engage fully in what life has to offer.
a. What do you need to happen in your daily routine to optimize your energy level long term?
b. How do your health habits bring you joy and focus?
c. How do you create a reserve and balance in your life?

8) Your Fun

Finally, turn your attention to what you do for personal enjoyment, recreation, and how you make a contribution.
a. Where do you create?
b. Where do you have space in your life?
c. How do you give back?

Your list generation does not end with brainstorming. This is just the beginning. Now, set aside time to take a deeper look at every item you have added and reveal how it is related to your core values. This is where you connect with your inner wisdom and find out which of the items on your list are in-line with your truth and which should be released as being part of something that does not really matter to you. This is the most challenging part. You may not want to part with the things that you have identified, especially those items that appear to matter on some level but are not critical to the way you wish to make a difference. You may notice a theme appearing and items that are not in alignment with this theme can often be eliminated.

The final step is choosing to take action on some of the items on your list. Which long and short term goals to experience what you wish for will you commit to right now?

Asking these questions to come up with a list of possibilities benefits you by connecting you to your generative self. It is not the goals themselves that are important (in fact, you may not wish to be too attached to the outcomes), but instead the sense of purpose and the journey of discovery that the list and the pursuit of each item embodies. For further exploration, check out my coaching program for another wish building exercise.


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